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We believe in challenging the status quo by doing things differently. Thats why we live on Dog Island (Boat access only) with our 5 kids. We inspire continuous improvement through camaraderie while living a waterfull life.
SGT Peterson's proven process for fishing has been applied both locally and internationally for 19+ years to catch the most, and the biggest fish. These techniques have been honed since 1990, whence he began guiding family and friends at the age of ten on his 14ft Lund....
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We believe in first class customer service and being on time day or night! Rain or shine, fog or even snow people want to get where they want to go safely in a drug free / non smoking environment. Choose your own adventure or tell us what your interests are and we can tailor a trip to meet your needs. We have big boats with enclosures, canoes, stand up paddle boards and kayaks. Captain SGT Peterson will also pilot your 60Ft and under boat for you wherever it needs to go in the world for $800 a day during the fishing offseason.

It's a waterfull lifestyle, an American Dream Blog

The Di-7 is a family of 7, with 5  kids ranging in age from 6 weeks to 13 years old.  We live on a small secluded island on the Gulf of Mexico located 7.5 miles off the coast of Carabelle Florida accessible by boat or air only.  Its a Waterfull life is a lifestyle blog.  This is the story of how the Di-7 spends their time on the waters of America starting with how the entire family moved from the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN to Dog Island, FL with a 6 week old baby and kids in school on the mainland.  The full book "It's a Waterfull Lifestyle - An American Dream" is expected late 2018.

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Inspire continuous improvement through camaraderie and the outdoor movement.

We believe in leading life our own way by blazing our own trail. We don't always know what that is going to bring us everyday but we know the path will be our own, and it will be interesting. If we are lucky it may even turn into a tale or two for the campfire that evening or for your children someday.

Capt "SGT" Peterson has been perfecting his 5 Step Proven Process for catching only the biggest fish since the age of 4 on the lakes, rivers and creeks of Northern Minnesota and Canada. It is a simple but effective method to catch the biggest of the species that has been tested in waters all over the world.  From 40 inch Northern Pike and Large Muskies, Big Walleyes, Large and Small Mouth Bass and Massive Lake Superior Lake Trout in our home state of MN all the way to Giant Southern Stingrays in Tampa Bay, SGT Peterson has them figured out.  He has caught huge Spinner Sharks in the Atlantic and the biggest Salmon and Halibut in Alaska.  He has fought with barracudas with teeth bigger than kitchen knives in the Pacific to the biggest Bull Red Fish, Kings, Grouper, and sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Their are not many guides that have caught as many species of fish as Capt "SGT" Peterson. Many guides can catch you a bunch of little fish. Some can catch you a limit of keepers. Few guides can get your trophy fish in the boat.

If you believe what we believe, maybe you should try us. You just might find a guide for life. You may become part of the Capt "SGT" Peterson's extended family and come back year after year like so many. We don't make clients, we make freinds, if your service is at anytime not up to your satisfaction we will make it right ASAP.

Servicing Florida state and federal NOAA fishing waters in the Gulf of Mexico from Mexico Beach, to Medart up to 100 miles offshore. We provide service to Dog Island, St George Island, Saint Vincent Island, Little Saint George Island, Apalachicola, Eastpoint, Medart, Paneca, Sopchoppy, Saint James, Lanark, Port Saint Joe, Saint Theresa, Mexico Beach. Other locations can be arranged.


My kids and I had a antastic trip with Captain Tim. He is extremely knowledgeable and worked hard to help us catch some keeper grouper and red snapper! It was a great day! Shannon Carlyle - Dog Island, FL June 2018


Been out with Captain Tim twice this month.(May) He has always put us on the fish.  Enjoyed every minute of our trips. Great job Tim. Thank you.

Jimmy Mccall & Denise Hayes, Albany, Georgia. May 2018

This was an unforgettable experience, you were excellent, from the time we contact you on the phone to make preliminary arrangements all the way to the end of our journey. We not only had a wonderful time, but we learned a lot about deep ocean fishing and got enough fish for several days of lunch and dinner. We highly recommend you..

Francisco & Clara La Rosa, Denver, Colorado July 2018


We had a great trip caught lots of fish including some big king mackerel overall a great trip

Dylan Kunich, Charlotte, North Carolina, August 2018

Teresa Kunich
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, August 2018
We had an awesome time with Captain Peterson! He took us right where the fish were and they were biting all morning; Kings, Snapper, Cobia and Shark. He was great with the kids, down to earth, knowledgeable and we felt like we’d known him for years. We will definitely book with Captain Peterson again!
William Henley, Georgia, August 2018
Got an early 7:30 am 8 hour trip out to big reef about 9 miles out in State waters! Immediately started catching lots of Cobias and hooking up to all types of unknowns since they so big we either had them breaking our lines and many leaders! The water was alive below the boat with Spade fish, Cobias, King Mackerel, Barracudas and some huge Sharks of various species! Saw many feeding frenzies of sharks and large groups of King Mackerels! For some reason we couldn’t figure out, they fish we were after were being finicky and just not getting in the cooler! We had a great time though and a beautiful day in the water! Captain Tim was very knowledgeable on the areas and type of fish but was just as frustrated as we were trying to get keepers in the boat! But we did bring home some good fillets that he cut up for us before we headed home! Will try to plan another trip with him soon!
Richard Horne, Tallahassee, FL, August 2018

Great trip….knowledgeable, skilled & personable captain. Definitely recommend and would use again.

John Kase, Grayson, GA, June 2018

Capt. Peterson has converted me from a girl who lounges in the sun on the front of the boat to a girl who fishes.  His energy and enthusiasm for fishing is contagious and it helps that we always catch a lot of fish.
Laney Peterson, the Captains Wife. We are not going to say how many stars she gives him because it depends on the day=) 2013 to present.


Make it happen, you only live once!

This is the time to book your exciting fishing adventure.  Treat yourself or a group of family or friends. You deserve it!  Can you imagine what the Gulf of Mexico has in store for all of you with SGT Peterson at the helm?  Think of the smiles on your faces taking a picture of your personal record fish. Book your trip with a $200 deposit today.