Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

We believe in Kaizen, the ancient Japanese word that means continuous improvement. We apply this to everything in our lives from family matters to fishing. If you believe in sharpening your blade until it's razor sharp then you are probably just like us.

Our Story

Although we grew up in different parts of the country (Tim in Minnesota and Laney in Massachusetts), we both grew up out on the water starting in canoes.  Even before we met, if someone had asked what your dream job would be if money were no object, we both would have being outdoors and on the water.  When we moved to Dog Island, it was our dream come true to be able to share our love and enthusiasm for the ocean and wildlife with our clients.

Meet the Team

Meet the Dog Island 7.  In addition to our experienced captain, there are 6 other members of the team that are full of energy and enthusiasm and can't wait to make your day out on the water unforgettable.


Chief of Special and Water Operations

Growing up near Cape Cod, Laney could never stay away from the water.  From her travels around North, South and Central American waters including the Panama Canal, to the north Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, Laney will always find where the next water filled adventure awaits.




Sergeant (Capt) Peterson

CFBDAO - Chief Fishing, Boating, Diving and Adventure officer - Sales and Marketing 

SGT Peterson once went after a bear in camp at night in Minnesota on the Canadian border holding only a 7 Inch Kabar Army fighting knife and a big flashlight. He ran after it saying "I ain't going out like no...". The gun was too far away in the truck to get in time. This happened in the 22,000,000 Boundary Waters Wilderness area just Outside of Ely, MN where his family lives. Father of Dog Island 7, Mason, Fishing Charter Captian, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Martial Artist, Author, 15 yrs leading NATO Soldiers & Airman in War on Terror.


The War Department

The ministry of Defense lead by the CEO of the teen cooperation of America.

They are known for scaling and cleaning fish faster than a speeding bullet. They may be found in their natural habitat near wifi and are known to be armed with futuristic concealed nerf and water weapons.

The leader Lance just traveled to South Korea and back at 12 years old by himself.

Sean is the co-leader, and is the first class, sharpshooter of the Family. He loves to entertain people with his friendly smile.

Alex is the joker, you never know what your going to get.

Christina is the one with the most hugs and beams of light. When she is not bossing her brothers around, she loves to watch her daddy clean fish.

Cali is unstoppable. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, she goes along with us. This was one of the coldest mornings of 2018.

Join the movement today!

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