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Living on an island, it made sense to homeschool, but with a newborn and all the unpacking left to do, I just couldn’t imagine getting it together in time so we enrolled the kids in the public school.

Trying to prove residency when your address is not really on a map and you have a PO box was challenging. We also had not received our first electricity bill. After running around getting immunization records and school physicals, we got the kids enrolled in school.

The first day went well. Tim took them on the boat and the bus picked them up at the ferry dock.

We got used to the early rising and the cold crossings in the dark. Even in Florida, it got down to 29 degrees in December. Of course, one of our engines died and we had to get two new engines right around Christmas time. Doesn’t it always happen like that? It did get a little old using our backup boat while we got the boat worked on. It is an 18 ft inflatable raft. It’s pretty invincible, but a little bumpy when the sea gets rough.

On top of the cold, there were some super moons in December and January and north winds which made the tides really low at low tide and we had a tough time getting out some mornings. We got through it with the exception of one day where we just couldn’t get out of our little canal as it was pretty much completely dry. We brought them to school late when the tide rose. After we got the engines replaced on the big boat, crossings were easier, but the gas bill was another story. Maybe home school wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I worry about the kids still getting social interaction with other kids. After researching the options for homeschool, it seems the best option is the online school. With three kids and no background in education, I don’t think I could come up with the curriculum for them so we decided that online school was the best option. On top of speaking with the company that does the online school, we also spoke to some other parents from the county who homeschool their kids. There are lots of clubs to join and activities at the library and even at the school. We could take the boat to town 2 to 3 times per week instead of every day and we could go after it got light out rather than in the dark. So next year we are going to give it a try. I’ve uploaded all the information and we are just waiting to hear if they have been approved. I’m nervous about having them around all day and being spread too thin while watching a 1-year old and making sure 3 kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing for their school work. I am up for the challenge and both determined and excited to make it work.


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