Time to Stock Up

Living on a water access only island with no stores means I have to keep a list and stock up every two weeks. There is a small grocery store in Carrabelle, but it is expensive and does not have a lot of variety and/or organic food choices. We will go there for a few items here and there when we run out of milk, or lettuce. They also have a good breakfast deli and one of our friends works there so it’s nice to just go in and say hello. With a family of 6 to clothe and feed and a baby to diaper, we go to Costco for most of our stuff. It’s about an hour and ten-minute drive, plus the 20-minute boat ride each way. We usually make a day of it by going out to lunch as well. Tallahassee is the nearest place we can get our fix of Thai or Indian food. We also have to stop at Target to get the coffee I like and other things that I don’t want to buy in bulk. Even living on an island, I don’t want a 5-gallon jar of mayonnaise.
Of course we buy a lot of water. The last trip we bought a case of 12oz bottles which is 40 bottles at Costco and twelve 1 gallon bottles. I have to get my La Croix fix so we bought a case of that. The Costco in Tallahassee doesn’t have a large selection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, but they do have organic bananas and apples and frozen broccoli, mixed vegetables and frozen strawberries. Other organic items we buy at Costco are chicken and ground beef, peanut butter and jelly, honey, eggs, bread, pasta, and marinara sauce, macaroni and cheese, butter and milk. Of course we buy diapers, toilet paper, napkins, and trash bags as well.
I thought it was going to be a hassle at first, but you get used to it and I actually look forward to it. After a few casualties with eggs and pizza, we bought some plastic egg holders and a pizza delivery bag. If we bring enough ice, we can even get ice cream. That is probably the one thing I miss the most when we run out. We are careful not to waste food because it took a lot of work to get it into our refrigerator and onto the table. People ask what do you do if you forget something, and I say we just go without. For the most part, we don’t have to go without for very long. Tim goes to the mainland every day to drop off and pick up the kids from school so he can always pick something up. We went camping about a month ago and we thought its actually easier than everyday life since we were on the mainland and could just run to the store if we needed something.

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  1. I have been to Dog Island several times since 1984. It is sad to see the Pelican Inn in its current state. We stayed there several times. Also rented a beach house once and did a day hiking trip once. I was reading an article in a magazine in 1984. It mentioned Dog Island and the Pelican Inn. It mentioned no contact number. I started calling phone operators in FL and found one in Tallahassee who was able to help me. I live in landlocked West Tennessee. I subscribe to Women Who Live on Rocks and was so excited to see your post. Most people have never heard of Dog Island. Now I will live vicariously through your blog!

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