What makes true conservancy… hypocrisy?

Lets just put this out there. Living on an island is probably the least green thing one could do to protect ocean life including sea turtles and birds that live on its beaches.

If we aren’t we all hypocrites when we call ourselves conservationists, I no longer know what the truth is. Maybe its just more fake news. Let’s look at our fuel usage, and we all know the petroleum industry is a terrible polluter of the earth.

1. We all own or regularly use large offshore boats to get to the island.

2. Most drive large SUV’s to get to the dock, or take multiple gas vehicles instead.

3. Many Dog Islanders own 2 or more homes.

4. Many fly to Dog Island after taking a truck to and from the airport on each end.

None of us on Dog Island are true conservationists, or altruistic. If we were, we would let the First Nations people rename “Dog Island”. That said, I can’t find any record of the original  First Nations name online.  If we were altruistic, we would all give our properties back to the the First Nations people. I promise you they would take much better care of it then we.

http://findingflorida.org/dog-island-name-origin-and-ownership/ check out this link for more information.

We all know this will not happen. So let’s not pretend to be conservationists when it supports personal/political wants, needs, desires, and narratives.  We are all hypocrites with the same love of nature and want to protect what is left of it, or at least try and live in the best balance we can with it.

Mosquitoes are a good example.  They are the most deadly animal in the world according to the World Trade Organization, the BBC, and many other resources. Yet we have done virtually nothing to limit them on Dog Island in recent years because many say it will take away a food source from native species that rely on them.

Here are some links on how deadly Mosquitoes really are.





Many say killing mosquitos/insects would hurt birds, turtles and tumble the entire ecosystem on the island. None have shown any real scientific data to support this. There are many organic naturally occurring fungicides that can be used to control mosquitoes by killing larvae before they can fly off and bite people. There are also many organic oils that can be spread with a  garden hose that are completely non toxic and have been recommended by veterinarians for decades for us around pets and small children. These are both relatively inexpensive and not harmful to the environment in the least.



In regards to Mosquitoes, we need to have an environmentally friendly plan to comprehensively address the Mosquito problem on Dog Island. We all know we can’t get rid of them. Now that you know where we stand on that, lets go back to the real conservationists and what they did before we messed up this ecosystem.

If we were true conservationists we would do as the First Nations did before us.

1. Walk to the shore and carry locally sourced products and goods on our backs to the beach.

1. Canoe goods, products and people to Dog Island using only locally sourced natural materials for our boats and paddles.

3. Use it like the First Nations people did. As a fishing camp, much like our family moved here to inspire others to use it as. To be closer to the tide, moon, and sea like our ancestors.

Don’t get me started on the ecological destruction of dredging the channel all of us use to get to the island. We dredge the Yacht club area. We dredge the river leaving Carrabelle. Think of the environmental impact from the roads we made on the island.

What about the all the water markers that we use to get to the island? Think about just setting that stuff up and then maintaining it all. The electricity I am using to type this message probably came from coal which has caused many people to die of cancer. How many pollutants did it take for this phone infrastructure, electricity and servers to send this message to the world on this wireless network? Junkers and gas guzzling 4×4 rust bucket trucks leaking oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid are found throughout the island including my own 1993 Ford Explorer. There is plastic stuff blowing away to sea in storms and fuel and oil in the water from our boats. How much plastic do we all bring to the island?  Have you seen how fast the recycling fills up? Now China rejects America’s plastic for recycling and we are just burying it again.

What about the carcinogenic chemicals we all bring to the island – Cleaners, dish soap, laundry detergent, boat products, neurotoxins aka bug spray, sun block that kills coral, tires, refrigerant, Creosote, pressure treated chemically impregnated wood, cell phone radiation.

Is your bird feed non-GMO or organic?  How much energy does it take just to get it here?  Even the Audubon drives right up in their big offshore gas powered boat which they drove to the dock in their full-size pick up and trailer. They’re supposed to be the leaders of the conservation efforts and they drive their four wheeler/side-by-side on the beach to put up their signs. I am simply saying we are all hypocrites. Even the ones with the best intentions. Driving side-by-sides made in Asia where the signs posted all over the island were most likely made also is not exactly environmentally friendly. We ourselves have two large gas motors and a second boat with a gas engine all made in Japan.  Our truck and side-by-side make it easier to get around the island.  We are no better than anybody else, but please get off your high conservation horse. I am not talking about 99% of Dog Islanders. Just a handful of good old bullies that will stop at nothing to further their agenda. Some daringly in their professions and in public offices. Others work behind the scenes in similar capacities to conspire with those in the open.

In the end,

“What is done in the dark will be brought to the light.”

-Johnny Cash

On this topic of renting, nearly every one of you, or your parents before you either rented a place from somebody or stayed at the Pelican Inn before you bought your homes.  We on the other hand rented a boat, and followed the “rules we live by” before we bought our home. How is that not a double standard or hypocrisy?

Hypocrisy on Dog Island is currently at the highest levels of human condition, and is simply incomprehensible. I know this post will cause some controversy, but when controversy happens, conversation happens and when conversation happens, people come to a better understanding of each other’s points of view. I hope to inspire understanding of each other, and camaraderie. Sometimes I must be unpopular to reach people, and I am completely comfortable with that.

To those of you who thought I wrote the last post “Partly Sunny with a chance of Hurricane”. You can now all see that my style of writing is vastly different in tone, inflection, and directness than that of my wife’s diplomatic tone. These are my words, and my words only. When I see something wrong I call it out. It started when I was an Alter boy, Crossing guard, Airman, Soldier, and than as a Sergeant of Airman and Soldiers. Now I am the Sergeant of Dog Island. Before you get all fired up, this is the origin of the word Sergeant taken from google.

With that said, I love Dog Island and all of it’s characters. I just wish we could all work together for everyones best interest including all of our hard working neighbors in Franklin County and beyond. When people visit our special Island, I simply want them to feel welcomed, much like when they visit our home. This is a special place we all know and love. We simply would like to be ambassadors for it, not try to hide it from the world. The information super highway has been here for decades. Desperados trying to keep Dog Island off the internet are still using the yellow pages, and landlines to find professional services.

– SGT Peterson

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